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====Default User Page====
This is your user page, your home on the wiki system. You can edit this page at will by clicking on "Edit Page" below. If you'd like to introduce yourself to other editors, erase this and enter some personal information here. The template below is provided as a suggestion.

Here's a link to our [[WelcomeNewUser basic wiki information]] in case you want to see the page that appeared when you first registered.

===Contributions to Canon===

Put e-mail address here. To protect your address from spammers' robots, you can write it in the form ##""{{email username}}""## - this will cause the wiki to render it using javascript protections: {{email username}}


===My Links===
Since you can get to your user page from the top menu at any time, this is a great place to bookmark your often-visited pages, like maybe FormattingRules.
Useful wiki pages for beginners:
~- WelcomeNewUser
~- CreatingNewPages
~- WikiHelp
~- Info about wiki edits: MyChanges, MyPages, OwnedPages

Let other users leave you personal messages here. (We're planning a feature that will notify you if your home page is edited)

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