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""BaMoTTuSto"" is a group of prose pieces that BaxilDragon wrote in November 2003. The name is short for "**Ba**x's **Mo**nth of **TTU** **Sto**ries," and is an homage to [[ NaNoWriMo]], the National Novel Writing Month.

""NaNoWriMo"" is an annual November event where participants attempt to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. Baxil decided to attempt a different but equally fearsome challenge: One unique short story per day (except Thursdays, where tight scheduling prohibited it) for the month. The end result was 40,532 words spread out among 22 stories and 4 pieces of culturalia.

The next November, Baxil attempted a ""NaNoWriMo"" novel set in TTU and succeeded: StoryNotesFromTheEnd. After taking 2005 off, Bax got back in the writing spirit in Nov. 2006 with BaMoTTuStoTTwo. Two years later, another novel: StoryLegendOfHero.

A chronological list of the ""BaMoTTuSto"" stories, as well as the results of a favorites poll, are at The stories themselves are at, split into [[ two]] [[ pages]]. The wiki's pages for ""BaMoTTuSto"" creations follow.

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