Becoming A Theri

Placeholder page. The complete rules governing how people first turn into therianthropes are currently located at How To Become A Theri In Four Easy Steps, incorporated here by reference.

The Short Version

The four easy steps:
  1. Desire - Genuinely wish that your change will occur.
  2. Openness - Be convinced that physical change is possible, and possible for you.
  3. Resonance - Completely believe -- for at least that one critical moment, but generally on a more ongoing basis -- that you are (in some essential sense) the thing you wish to become.
  4. Trigger - Distract yourself and the universe for a moment to allow your form to realign with your resonance.

This process does not require magical experience, although it does seem to be simplified by it -- there are more mages per capita among theris than the population at large (see TheriType for details).

The idea of "resonance" (#3) is fairly well approximated by "self-image," and it does require a reasonably specific target. So the main general rule for therianthropy is that you have to want to be what you consider yourself to be, and you have to have some idea of what that is. (Note that this process isn't specific to changing species -- although those shifts will certainly be the most dramatic changes.)

After The First Change

Once someone is already a theri, changing into their existing theri form is much simpler: see ShapeshiftingInTTU.

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