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====Becoming A Theri====

Placeholder page. The complete rules governing how people first turn into therianthropes are currently located at [[ How To Become A Theri In Four Easy Steps]], incorporated here by reference.

==The Short Version==

The four easy steps:

1) **Desire** - Genuinely wish that your change will occur.
1) **Openness** - Be convinced that physical change is possible, and possible //for you//.
1) **Resonance** - Completely believe -- for at least that one critical moment, but generally on a more ongoing basis -- that you **are** (in some essential sense) the thing you wish to become.
1) **Trigger** - Distract yourself and the universe for a moment to allow your form to realign with your resonance.

This process does //not// require magical experience, although it does seem to be simplified by it -- there are more mages per capita among theris than the population at large (see TheriType for details).

The idea of "resonance" (#3) is fairly well approximated by "self-image," and it does require a reasonably specific target. So the main general rule for therianthropy is that you have to //want to be what you consider yourself to be,// and you have to have some idea of what that is. (Note that this process isn't specific to changing species -- although those shifts will certainly be the most dramatic changes.)

==After The First Change==

Once someone is already a theri, changing into their //existing// theri form is //much// simpler: see ShapeshiftingInTTU.

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