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====TTU Novels====

Stories of at least novella length, for when you want to spend an evening digging deeply into the world. A subset of [[CategoryStories the Stories category]].

**[[StoryNotesFromTheEnd Notes From The End Of The World]]**: A dragon appears on the news, and suddenly it seems like John Stanton's roommates are going crazy around him. Can he help them get back to living their normal lives before TheChanges sweep him up into madness, too? //Complete. By BaxilDragon. 54,500 words.//

**StoryLegendOfHero**: When a fictional character saves Kevin ""MacArthur"" from a car crash, he and his friends are drawn into some sort of living video game, complete with an evil villain, a magic pendant and a whole race of beings to save. But in order to help LocationTheShadowlands, they first have to figure out whether it's even real -- and how far they're willing to go to find out. //Ongoing web serial. By BaxilDragon. 50,000+ words.//

**[[StoryTitaniasToys Titania's Toys]]**: Titania ran a business crafting custom adult dolls. It wasn't an easy job, even for a talented young mage like herself, and she often found herself getting absorbed in her work. Getting absorbed //into// her work, on the other hand, posed an entirely new set of problems -- including some thorny legal questions her religious family was more than happy to pursue. //Books 1 and 2 complete. By Silussa. ~30,000 words.//

**StoryOnTheEdge**: J.B. Jones saw TheChanges as a chance to live as the character he'd always pretended to be online. But the chance passed him by, and he decided his life wasn't worth living. A mysterious force gives him a second chance; torn between darkness and light, will he get to use it? //In progress. By BaxilDragon.//

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