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====Freely Available Story Elements====

The following characters, groups and locations (CGLs) have been marked as **Open** by their creator. This means that you may not only use them freely in your story, but you can even drastically modify them for your own needs //as long as you stay consistent with [[WhatIsCanon existing canon]].//

Most other TTU characters, groups and locations are also available for your use, but you may need to ask permission from their original creator and/or follow writing guidelines they've set. See "AvailabilityCategories" for more information.

By their nature, [[CategoryEvents events]] and [[CategoryConcepts concepts]] (but not necessarily [[CategoryMeta meta-information]]) are freely available as plot elements.

**Creators:** To add a CGL to this list, change their [[AvailabilityCategories Availability]] to "Open" and add the tag ''""CategoryOpen""'' to the bottom of their page. They will automatically be listed here.

===Open Characters===
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===Open Groups===
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===Open Locations===
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===See Also===
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