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Freely Available Story Elements

The following characters, locations, and groups (CLGs) have been marked as Open by their creator. This means that you may not only use them freely in your story, but you can even modify them for your own needs as long as you stay consistent with existing canon. Propose any changes directly on the CLG's page, and if nobody objects, go for it.

Creators: To add a character, location or group to this list, change their Availability Category to "Open" and add the tag CategoryOpen to the bottom of their page. They will automatically be listed here.

The following 6 page(s) belong to CategoryOpen

AvailabilityCategories ["Availability" Categories]
CharacterBenJacobs [Characters: Ben Jacobs]
CharacterDreamKing [Character: Jerry Berenthal, the "Dream King"]
CharacterRandall [Characters: Randall]
CreatingNewPages [Creating New Pages]
WikiNews [WikiNews]

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