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=====Character: Jerry Berenthal, the "Dream King"=====


~- **Creator:** ElynneJia
~- **[[AvailabilityCategories Availability]]:** Open
>> Early in the 21st century, a combination of magic and technology made the recording and replaying of dreams possible. Jerry, an intern working on the sleep disturbances program that stumbled onto the technology, was the only one to realize its potential. His ideas quickly rocketed him to success - beyond his own wildest dreams.

===Basic Biography===

**Birth Name:** Jerry Owen Berenthal
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>> **Other Aliases:** Dream Kingpin, Dream Pusher
**Born:** //(date/location)//
**Gender:** Male
**Species:** Human

==Physical Description==

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==Public Backstory==

In the last few years, "RealDream" technology has scorched across the world. A portable unit the size of a briefcase allows a person to record their own dreams, and a DVD player lets viewers watch the recorded dreams on a television screen. Most people's dreams have limited entertainment value, other than as personal exploration or theraputical use. But some people have trained themselves in lucid dreaming, and have created a wildly popular series of titles. Jerry Berenthal was there, in the right place and at the right time, to forge and direct the newborn technology into the household name it is today. He owns the copyrights and patents on virtually every piece of dream recording, editing, and playing material that currently exists. His company, DreamWeb, has contracts with all the best and best-known lucid dream artists, including the invisible megastar CharacterDreamWeaver.

===Magic Use===

**[[MagicalSkillCategories Magical skill]]:** None, or minor Uncontrolled

==Magic Use Notes==

Although many people have whispered (or discussed openly, or shouted) that Jerry must have some kind of magical aptitude with luck, he has never displayed any such skill. If it exists, it's unconcious, undetectable, and may well have used itself up in that one brief burst, when he put two bits of machinery together and came up with a fortune.

===Fame and Visibility===

**Level of fame:** Household name
~- **Reputation:** A smart, ethical, but fast and very capable businessman.
~- **Well-known quotes:**
**Group affiliations:** Owner of DreamWeb; knows (and employs) almost every commercial dream artist personally.

==TTU Events==
~- **Pivotal role in:** x
~- **Minor role in:** x

===Story Appearances===

===Character Notes===

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