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~- **[[MagicalTraditions Magical tradition]]:** Directivist (unspecified tradition)
~- **Group/circle/coven:** Unspecified (see backstory above)
~- **Personal spellcasting style:** Randall has picked up a wide variety of tricks from his coven, and is quite capable of spontaneous casting, but he prefers his own ritual runic magic for all but minor effects - focusing power via physically written symbols. He is never without a few pieces of colored chalk, which he uses as a focus; he also carries around a notebook and paper so he can work things out before casting a complex spell, but does not use the pen itself for spell effects.
~- **Magical tradition:** x
~- **Group/circle/coven:** x
~- **Personal spellcasting style:** Though Randall's capable of spontaneous casting, he prefers ritual runic magic for all but minor effects - focusing power via written symbols.

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=====Characters: Randall=====
~- **Creator:** BaxilDragon
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>> A minor fixture in Seattle's mage community, Randall is a born sidekick -- a dedicated willworker with few ambitions of his own and an almost supernatural knack for cleaning up his friends' messes.
**Birth Name:** Randall Sullivan
**Born:** Seattle, 1969
**Gender:** Male
**Species:** Human
Randall was in his late twenties when The Changes hit -- and immediately took a shine to magic, having dabbled with it for over a decade. He was among the first members of Seattle's most prominent coven (led by a woman named Sarah), attended EventTheMeeting, and took an important but behind-the-scenes role in their early work. He was one of the few members to maintain a day job that had nothing to do with magic -- and would stay in his dead-end office job until 2001, when the events of StoryChangeOfMind prompted him to quit and join the field of magitech as a researcher.
After 2001, Randall's life is more or less a whirlwind of work and magic -- researching and designing magical gadgets during the day and hanging out with other mages after hours.
**[[MagicalSkillCategories Magical skill]]:** Strong (not combat-trained)
~- **Personal spellcasting style:** Though Randall's capable of spontaneous casting, he prefers ritual runic magic for all but minor effects - focusing power via written symbols.
He dabbled with willworking in the years before The Changes, immediately sank his teeth into magic when it started working, and has been a reliable if quiet member of a major Seattle coven since then.
Randall is a conservative mage who would rather get the job done right than quickly -- his typical spell is slow but powerful, with no side effects or obvious weaknesses. After the events of StoryChangeOfMind, when he gets his job in the magitech industry, he can often be found walking around with half a dozen prototype gadgets, and his home has become a chalked-up mess of half-completed spell research.
He was challenged by CharacterKiasu during the events of StoryRandomEncounter and lost uneventfully.
**Level of fame:** Very minor
~- **Well-known quotes:** "By the Lady!" is his expletive of choice.
**Locations:** Seattle, Wash., USA
~- **Minor role in:** Attended EventTheMeeting as an aide (assisted with teleportation).
Randall is an excellent addition to your story if you need a random mage of moderate talents to show up and fix things. He doesn't consult, but he has a wide variety of friends and family -- mages and otherwise -- and they all use him as a go-to guy, since he seems to have no problem with doing people small favors when things break, and (with no relationship or real concept of down time) his schedule is rarely too busy to lend a hand.
As a teenager, Randall got drunk at a party and date-raped a female friend of his. He has been carrying around the guilt from his actions for over a decade, hasn't touched a drop of alcohol since (though he is often talked into joining drinking friends as a designated driver), and has been reluctant to get into relationships for fear he'd hurt someone again. A large part of his self-sacrificing attitude in cleaning up his friends' messes is driven by his unfulfilled desire to atone. Alethea discovered this dark bit of his past in StoryChangeOfMind, but he has otherwise kept it secret.
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