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=====Character: Tashi=====


~- **Creator:** ElynneJia
~- **[[AvailabilityCategories Availability]]:** Public
>> In the later eras of TTU, the willworker known as "Tashi" is one of the most well-known and outspoken advocates for theri and magical freedom. She headed the GroupNewAtlantisProject, supervised the EventNewAtlantisRaising, and was subsequently elected the first president of LocationNewAtlantis.

===Basic Biography===

**Birth Name:** x
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>> **Other Aliases:** x
**Born:** //(date/location)//
**Gender:** Female
**Species:** Human

==Physical Description==

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==Public Backstory==

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===Magic Use===

**[[MagicalSkillCategories Magical skill]]:** Depending on era, Exceptional or merely Strong. While getting the GroupNewAtlantisProject off the ground, and after LocationNewAtlantis rises, she's a little too busy with administration to keep in practice. During the EventNewAtlantisRaising, and in the years before the NAP, she's at the height of her powers.
~- **Magical tradition:** x
~- **Group/circle/coven:** x
~- **Personal spellcasting style:** x

==Magical History==

==Magic Use Notes==

===Fame and Visibility===

**Level of fame:** Household name; major world leader after 2007
~- **Reputation:** x
~- **Well-known quotes:** //For famous figures//
**Group affiliations:** GroupNewAtlantisProject
**Locations:** Within USA until 2004; on board the LocationMVDiscovery until 2007; LocationNewAtlantis thereafter

==TTU Events==
~- **Pivotal role in:** EventNewAtlantisRaising
~- **Minor role in:**

===Story Appearances===
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"Kelly", by ElynneJia
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==Related Links==
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===Character Notes===

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Elynne: I hope you liked my treatment of her in CulturaliaDangerousWaters. :) There really was no way to write about LocationNewAtlantis without writing about her. -BaxilDragon

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