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=====Characters: Tyler=====


~- **Creator:** ElynneJia
~- **[[AvailabilityCategories Availability]]:** Limited.
>> Tyler is an exceptionally happy-go-lucky and cheerful theri, equally comfortable in both his human and canine forms. Along with his partner, the theri wolf known as [[CharacterBlackpoint Blackpoint]], Tyler lives with CharacterDreamWeaver in an isolated house in northwest California.

===Basic Biography===

**Birth Name:** Tyler Gilbert
>>@@==Character Art==@@
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>> **Other Aliases:** x
**Born:** //(date/location)//
**Gender:** Male
**Species:** Husky/Malamute
~- **TheriType:** Were
~- **First change:** x
~- **Openly theri?:** Yes

==Physical Description==

Tyler's human form is generally unremarkable, and unmemorable - short brownish hair, brownish eyes, averageish height. The one thing people usually remember is his grin, an expression he wears most of the time, with variations of happy, contented, loopy, enthusiastic, angry, and demented. If Tyler isn't grinning, things are probably very, very bad, or he's asleep.

His were form is a largish dog, somewhere between a Husky and Malamute - solidly built, unremarkably shaded in black and white and grey, with pointed ears and a curly tail. In dog form, Tyler grins just as much, but drools a bit more.

==Public Backstory==

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===Magic Use===

**[[MagicalSkillCategories Magical skill]]:** None

===Fame and Visibility===

**Level of fame:** None
**Group affiliation:** x
**Locations:** Arcata, California

==TTU Events==
~- **Pivotal role in:** x
~- **Minor role in:** x

===Story Appearances===


To most of the world, Tyler is [[CharacterDreamWeaver Lisa Blaine's]] live-in "friend". Most of Lisa's neighbors and acquaintences assume that Tyler is her boyfriend. In fact, Tyler's partner is the theri wolf [[CharacterBlackpoint Blackpoint]], but since Blackpoint is never publically seen as anything other than a wolf, the trio does not correct the assumptions. Tyler is the most well-known of the three in the small town near their home.





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