Culturalia: Dangerous Waters

"Why is the Navy trying to stop you?" I ask Tashi. She doesn't have to think about that one. "They're afraid that we're going to succeed."


In search of a therianthrope homeland that doesn't exist, the GroupNewAtlantisProject has decided to take the next logical step: Make one. This article follows the crew of the LocationMVDiscovery on one of their expeditions to test the feasibility of raising a new island in the South Pacific. Their quest pits them against not only natural and magical hurdles, but also the unwanted attention of government forces.

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This latter-day TTU epic is quite possibly the setting's best story.
I have vain hopes of someday combining a camera, some friends,
a big boat, and Photoshop and actually laying it out in the style
of a magazine photojournalism piece.

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