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====Culturalia: News Briefs====

This is a collection page for news briefs set in TTU.

Briefs listed here are:
~- Written as media reports;
~- Short (generally approx. 500 words or under);
~- Straightforward. Pieces that require further explanation, provide important canon information, or otherwise stand out should be given their own page.

(n.b.: This is //not// a detritus list. Listing here doesn't say anything about the quality of the briefs. I just don't want to go through lots of page creation grunt work for the little stuff. - Baxil)

See also: StoryShortShorts

===Existing Briefs, Alphabetically===

**Name:** Duck Amuck
**Written By:** Baxil, 11/2003; 462 words
**Synopsis:** A pun-filled report describes a theri's good-natured practical joke gone awry.
**Read it at:**

**Name:** Fatwa
**Written By:** Thrames, 11/2003; 590 words
**Synopsis:** Fundamentalist Islam's reaction to the events of The Changes.
**Read it at:**

**Name:** Lottery Winner
**Written By:** Baxil, 11/2003; 412 words
**Synopsis:** A man dabbling with magic wins the lottery -- with just one little catch.
**Read it at:**

**Name:** News In Brief I
**Written By:** Delcan, 3/2003; 250 words
**Synopsis:** Ia! Ia! Police investigate some strange deaths on the 60th anniversary of HP Lovecraft's demise.
**Read it at:**

**Name:** Rock invitation
**Written By:** Baxil, 11/2003; 484 words
**Synopsis:** One of TTU's most famous theris declines the chance to star in shock rocker Marilyn Manson's new tour.
**Read it at:**
**See Also:** CharacterDennisRedwing

===Other News Reports===

TTU culturalia written as media reports that have their own page on the wiki:
~- CulturaliaAdBattle
~- CulturaliaDangerousWaters

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