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=====Era: From Causes To Crusades=====

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~{{color bg="#A0B0C0" text=" pre "}}   [[EraPreHistory Pre-History]]
~{{color bg="#A0B0C0" text=" pre "}}   [[EraPreChanges Pre-Changes]]
~{{color bg="#FC345C" text="   1  "}}   EraDragonInTheStreets (12/96)
~{{color bg="#FA8072" text="   2  "}}   EraTheShockSettlesIn (12/96)
~{{color bg="#EFCAA9" text="   3  "}}   EraNationOnTheBrink (1/97)
~{{color bg="#EEE87A" text="   4  "}}   EraSchismAndStalemate (1/97)
~{{color bg="#00FF00" text="   5  "}}   ''From Causes To Crusades'' (2-8/97)
~{{color bg="#00FFFF" text="   6  "}}   EraWinterOfDiscontent (8-12/97)
~{{color bg="#87CEEB" text="   7  "}}   EraANewWorldOrder (1998+)
~{{color bg="#9A8AFD" text="   8  "}}   EraOverTheHorizon (2007+)
>> //Thursday, January 30, 1997 - Thursday, August 21, 1997//

**Starts at:** EventBrogiAccident
**Ends at:** EventGoldMurders

==Era Summary==

The waning days of January 1997 saw the changed and the unchanged alike snarled in gridlock. Both sides had stepped up to the brink of war in the wake of EventTheMeeting -- and both sides had blinked.

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==Major Events==
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==Writing Tips==

For the first time since TheChanges, the world has begun reacting to therianthropy and magic with an eye toward the long term.

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===Stories Set In This Era===
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===Other Associated Pages===
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