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=====Brogi Accident=====

===Event Information===

**Date:** January 29, 1997
~- **Era:** EraSchismAndStalemate
**Location:** Seattle, Washington, USA
**Also Known As:** x
**Major Characters:** x


Denny Brogi was a high school senior in a suburb of Seattle, a kid by all accounts disenchanted with mundane life who was studying magic as a way out. One day in late January while he was cutting class, the world he tried to escape caught up with him. In a very isolated area of his high school, he got involved in (or started) an altercation. What happened next depends on whose story you listen to, but one thing is clear: He tried to teleport to his hand a sword he kept at home as one of his magical tools. When teachers arrived, his attacker was unconscious against the wall (although apparently unharmed), and Brogi's sword was embedded through his arm -- cleanly displacing flesh, muscle, and bone.
Excert from _[[CulturaliaTheDeathOfTeleportation]]_

==Immediate Reaction==



The primary effect of the Brogi Accident, along with the teleportation accident involving one Jeff Sullivan, and the suicide of Matt Gutierrez lead to the creation of Matt's Act. Matt's Act was a measure pushed through Congress in March 1997 imposing even tighter restrictions on teleportation than had been previously placed on magic in general -- nearly outlawing it anywhere for any practical purpose. The name was an acronym for Making America's Teleportation and Transportation Safer, but also a blatant reference to Matt Gutierrez's death. Never mind that by then all evidence strongly suggested that said death, in which Gutierrez essentially appeared inside-out in the middle of a street and met an explosive and messy end, was a suicide.


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