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>>@@{{image style="center" alt="[image]" title="Keith Haring Werewolf, by Orion Sandstorrm" url="images/Sandstorrm_-_haring-werewoof.gif"}}@@
//Werewolf illustrated in the style of
[[WikiPedia:Keith_Haring Keith Haring]], by OrionSandstorrm.//
>>====Welcome to TTU====

You've arrived at [[TheTomorrowlandsUniverse The Tomorrowlands Universe]]'s wiki -- a user-created site for a user-created world.

TTU is a shared setting for works of fiction. It is a world much like ours -- albeit one where something [[TheChanges Changed]] one day in late 1996. Now, mythical beasts walk the streets, and the forces of magic shape everyday life.

===Want to read stories?===

~- Start with some [[ReaderFavorites reader favorites]]
~- See [[RecentStories what stories are new]]
~- Discover some [[CategoryCulturalia culturalia]] -- non-fiction artifacts from a fictional world
~- Browse through the list of [[CategoryStories all stories]]

If you want to find out more about the universe, read the [[IntroductionToTTU TTU introduction]]. The [[TomorrowlandsGlossary glossary]] will help you out with unfamiliar terms, and give you a brief taste of the world.

===Want to communicate?===

The [[CommentsPage Comments Page]] and [[QuestionsPage Questions Page]] are always open (we require registration as an anti-spam tool, but it takes 30 seconds or less). Come say hi to your fellow Tomorrowlands fans and learn more about TTU! Registered users can also discuss TTU suggestions at [[ProposedIdeas Proposed Ideas]], [[FeedbackWanted offer feedback]] on other authors' stories, or edit the wiki to help us grow and improve.

===Want to research?===

The wiki has a number of areas for different aspects of the story setting:
- [[CategoryCharacters Characters]]
- [[CategoryConcepts Concepts]]
- [[CategoryEvents Events]]
- [[CategoryGroups Groups]]
- [[CategoryLocations Locations]]
- [[CategoryMeta Meta-information]].
- [[CategoryEras Time periods]]

Browse through any one of those, or pick a page at random from PageIndex and start following links.

===Want to contribute?===

We're looking for a few good authors! Learn [[WriterGuidelines how to write in TTU]], declare your intentions on our [[StoriesInProgress Coming Soon page]], or [[FeedbackWanted request feedback]] on a story you've written.

Writers may want to browse through the list of [[CategoryMeta informational documents]] (including the [[CategoryMagic rules of magic]]), or [[QuestionsPage ask questions]] about the setting.

If you want to shape this wiki with your feedback, joining is simple -- just [[UserSettings register]], and you can edit and/or leave comments on pages. If you want to make a lasting contribution to the wiki, BaxilDragon can set you up as a [[WikiEditors full editor]].

Useful pages for editors: WelcomeNewUser, FormattingRules, WikkaDocumentation, OrphanedPages, WantedPages. And as for me: The WikiToDo.

==About The Wiki==

This site launched on Dec. 18, 2006 -- the ten-year anniversary of [[TheChanges The Changes]] -- and it's a perpetual work in progress as more stories and setting information flesh out the world. Please bear with us as we ensure all of TTU's existing content gets sorted, organized, and transferred here from its original home at .


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