Hello there, this here is my userpage....which won't look this way for long since I will surely change it to suit my..ness...better.
Thinking of a story and such, I'm also very interested in providing art.

Contributions to Canon

None yet....

To-Do List

Story: Ditched the falcon thing....for a spider...should be fun, I started drawing some sketches of the character. She looks kinda like Shelob. XD
Pictures: Event and era pages....will probably start with a picture of a family watching the first sighting on the news...


Unknown action ""email""


I have deviantart and furaffinity.net sites under this same name ( linacrow ). I'll add straight links once I figure out how to do that.

basic wiki information


Let other users leave you personal messages here. (We're planning a feature that will notify you if your home page is edited)

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