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This is a page for TTU editors to discuss potential canon changes or additions. Think of it as a place to refine brainstorms through conversation. Once an idea has gotten general approval, you can move it to its own page.

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====High-profile political outing (KadyG)====

Here's my idea(s). Feel free to run with it.

A high-profile political figure with a conservative public personae is "outed" as a Theri soon after the changes.

This was inspired by an article in //Vanity Fair// about Mark Foley - whose gayness was a pretty open secret in Washington, but because he stayed low-profile no one really cared about it. I'm trying to imagine what sort of reaction someone like Condaleeza Rice would get if she suddenly had to deal with the fact that her private beliefs and practices were suddenly made physical for literally the world to see. Since Condi was appointed - not elected - there would be no compelling reason for the media to dig deeply into her private life. Someone like that might feel very safe exploring their Theri leaning in private life.

I imagine the media would be speculating about whether or not someone like that could perform their job while also dealing with fur and a tail. Would it make life easier or more difficult for other Theris? Would they be open and honest about what was going on? Or would they suddenly find urgent business in North Dakota to attend to? Would someone who's conservative politically be willing to be exposed this way?

Anyway, if this grabs you have fun with it. - KadyG 12/20/06

~& I think that this is a very valuable and potent idea. To be honest, I've been a little dissatisfied with my explanation for the turnaround in public sentiment in the wake of EventTheExecutiveOrder. The things I've discussed would all be influencing factors, but something more dramatic would be necessary to make folks realize a line had been crossed. A very public conservative figure resigning and struggling with a devastating choice between disobeying and losing the entire life they've built up (after all, it's just theris being interned, not their normal-human families) would be a potent symbol. BaxilDragon 12/23/06

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