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Tomorrowlands Universe Questions

This is a special page on the site, a haven for free discussion. Any user can edit this page, and any site visitor (even anonymous ones) can leave comments. Think of it as a central hub for visitors' and writers' TTU information requests.

Please only edit this page below the line; please keep your edits focused on TTU questions (if you want to experiment with the wiki, use the SandBox). Use CommentsPage for chatter and feedback. Use WikiRequests for software issues. Oherwise, ask away!

What happens to injuries when someone Changes if there's no analogous limb in the other form? For example, if a gryphon shreds a wing or a centaur gets a stone in a hoof what happens to the injury/stone if they Change back to human form? How would Changing affect a pregnancy? How is aging handled if the human and otherkin forms have different lifespans? Ten years is a greater percentage of a wolf's life than a human's. A classical centaur has a human torso and an equine torso. Do they have twice the usual number of internal organs? If not, what's taking up the space in the chest and abdominal cavities?

If the lights went out at an Adventure/Zork themed convention, how many con-goers would be eaten by grues? :)
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