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====Readers' Choice: Best of TTU====

===Best stories for new readers===

These explain the universe particularly well, and are a painless way to start your exposure to TTU.

//Wiki editors: Feel free to add your favorites and explain why.//

===Best-written stories===

Although these may benefit from some knowledge of the universe, they're of unusually high quality.

==BaMoTTuSto Reader's Choice==

As determined by reader poll, these are the best of the 26 short stories written during November 2003:
~- StoryRandomEncounter ([[ read]]) -- The greatest LARPing story ever told?
~- StoryFirstFlight ([[ read]]) -- College friends talk a gryphon into a daylight shape-change.
~- StoryThePetLady ([[ read]]) -- Laika and Jenny critically evaluate new-age claims.
~- StoryTopOfTheWorld ([[ read]]) -- In which it gets a little crowded at a Yosemite summit.
~- StoryShelter ([[ read]]) -- An evangelical Christian has some second thoughts about theris after a January tornado.
~- CulturaliaAdBattle ([[ read]]) -- PETA and a theri group clash over an unintentionally painful ad campaign.

==BaMoTTuStoTTwo Reader's Choice==

The eight November 2006 stories were put up for a vote, and the clear winner of the reader poll was:
~- CulturaliaDangerousWaters ([[ read]]) -- On board the New Atlantis Project's flagship. //Highly recommended.//

==BaxilDragon's favorites==

As the author of most of TTU's material, these are the stories I've written that hold the closest place in my heart:
~- CulturaliaDangerousWaters ([[ read]])
~- StoryChangeOfMind ([[ read]])
~- StoryRandomEncounter ([[ read]])

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