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Recent Stories

This page is for what's new in TTU -- not what's been recently added to the wiki (that's easy enough to find in RecentChanges or RecentlyCommented), but what fiction has most recently been completed in the setting.

7/2007: BaxilDragon's StoryFindersKeepers.

1/2007: RoB's StoryAscension and BaxilDragon's StoryDeclination, a pair of related short stories.

11/2006: BaxilDragon's BaMoTTuStoTTwo stories. A listing of them can be found here, or you can browse them on his journal.

2/2006: BaxilDragon's 200-word short story "Pier Pressure." Yeah, I know, sorry for the pun.

Also See

CategoryStories and CategoryCulturalia -- for a list of all the fiction.

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