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Shapeshifting In TTU

This page discusses the various ways that people change the physical shape of their body in TTU, whether magical (via a spell) or innate (like theris do). It also has some notes on the interaction of shapeshifting, shapeshifters and magic. BecomingATheri is outside the scope of this document; see it for more details.

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Basis of Shapeshifting

If you needed to summarize in a single sentence what happened to the Earth when it was struck by TheChanges, it would be: "It became possible for people to directly impose their beliefs on reality." In other words, magic. But "magic" in the traditional spellcasting sense was not the first sign of The Changes: shapeshifting was, as therianthropes changed from human form into Something Else.

While the return of magic made a great many things possible via nothing more than the application of willpower, most mages agree that -- if magic alone were responsible for all of The Changes' effects -- physical shapeshifting shouldn't have been one of them. The raw amount of power necessary to create a theri -- not only making raw changes in people's bodies, but even going so far as to adjust their DNA and their spiritual "resonance" to make the change permanent -- isn't achievable via spellcasting alone.

Methods of Shapeshifting


Some therianthropes are lucky enough to be able to inherently shapeshift: their body has adjusted

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