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=====Stories: But The Garden Has No Apples=====
//It's worth remembering that dreams destroy as much as they create.//


Not everyone appreciated the Changes equally; and quite a few had to decide what to make of a mixed blessing. When an average working man finds himself trapped in the men's room with no escape, he finds out that things are not always as simple as you once thought them to be as he comes to terms with EventTheFirstSighting in his own way.


==Release date==
April 6, 2001

==Word Count==

==Author Comments==

>> ===Story Data===

==Major Characters==
~- Allen - A new therianthrope
~- Bridgett - Office Busybody

==Dates of Story Events==
~- Thursday, Dec. 19, 1996
~~- **Era:** EraDragonInTheStreets

~- Unspecified

==TTU Events==
~- EventTheFirstSighting - [[TheWednesdayRule Wednesday]], Dec. 18

==Significant Cameos and References==


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