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=====Stories: Kata=====
//She jerked her muzzle up to glare at him. "You don't understand!" she shouted. "You can't teach them! I can't teach them!"//
Before The Changes, J.E. was a martial arts teacher. After The Changes, J.E. became a werewolf. Now, with her transformation impacting her business, she finds herself forced into a painful choice. (Second of two parts; see StorySenseiWolf.)
Nov. 17, 2003
Though this is a solid story on its own, it benefits from being read in sequence. Start with StorySenseiWolf.
~- Caleb, her assistant
~- Saturday, Dec. 21, 1996
~~- **Era:** EraTheShockSettlesIn
~- Jennifer is the friend who gives J.E. the tip that ultimately sends her to Las Vegas.
~- I made up the wolf kata that J.E. is creating, but the Tora-Bassai ("tiger storming the castle") kata is based off of a [[ real sequence]].
~- I have no good explanation for the fact that both of my anthro-werewolf characters (CharacterJEDyer and CharacterCrimsonClaw) are black belts. I suspect there's a story waiting to happen there.
=====Stories: Sensei Wolf=====
//"Mom?" Sarah said timidly ... "Sensei's a wolf lady?"//
Before The Changes, J.E. was a martial arts teacher. After The Changes, J.E. became a werewolf. Now she has to figure out how her childhood dream and her adult dream will interact. (First of two parts; see StoryKata.)
Nov. 3, 2003
J.E. is a character I hope to do a great deal more with.
~- Friday, Dec. 20, 1996
~~- **Era:** EraDragonInTheStreets
~- Caleb, who first appears in StoryKata.
~- Although I tried to give a sense of J.E.'s challenges in adapting old skills to a new body, the stance problems are really only the tip of the iceberg. Digitigrade legs stand differently, kick differently, balance differently ... not to mention J.E.'s extra foot of height and new reach; difficulty rolling through falls without injuring her tail; and tendency to whack herself in the muzzle with block sweeps.

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