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=====Stories: Right Here, Right Now=====
//Watching the world wake up from history, or at least the L.A. riots.//
Alone in his suburban Los Angeles apartment on that first Friday night, John watches the city's events unfold on his television set; fights clogged phone lines to talk with friends; and argues with his mother over the nature of TheChanges.
Although this is ostensibly about John and his quiet, cozy apartment, the real focus of the story is the Los Angeles Riots, as seen through live media reports.
~- John
~- John's mother, Rick, and Alice, all via a phone line
~- Friday night, Dec. 20, 1996
~~- **Era:** EraDragonInTheStreets
~- Los Angeles
~- EventLosAngelesRiots
~- A TV reporter interviews CharacterDennisRedwing while he and his mages are trying to keep the peace in Los Angeles, although the story leaves unsaid Redwing's actual words.
~- The title of the story is an ironic reference to the Jesus Jones song of the same name. The song is a celebration of living in the present, being a conscious observer and participant; the story centers on a man who reacts to The Changes by trying to ride them out from his apartment.
~- For no good reason, I have a link in my brain between the songs "Right Here, Right Now" and Information Society's "Fire Tonight." This story was crafted on the themes of both. - BaxilDragon
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=====Story Name=====
//Witty tagline.//
~- x
~~- **Era:** x
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