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=====Stories: The Talk=====
//Oh god. "Mom, I can explain --"//


Gary is a teenager. His mother approaches him one spring afternoon after cleaning his room. And when a mother feels the need to sit down and talk with her son about "an awkward thing" after changing his sheets ... well, that's //never// a good sign.


==Release date==
Nov. 2, 1996

==Word Count==

==Author Comments==
This was at least as much fun to write as it is to read. ;-)
>> ===Story Data===

==Major Characters==
~- Gary, a werewolf
~- His mother

==Dates of Story Events==
~- Late April, 1996
~~- **Era:** EraFromCausesToCrusades

~- Unspecified

~- Although human curiosity gave theri porn an immediate (and lasting) popular market, it took the genre much longer to shake off the associations of a "fetish" (and the accusations of bestiality). Larger and more widely available erotic publications, with more to lose if a cultural backlash was unleashed upon them, initially balked at the new market, allowing smaller and kinkier publications to leap in first and test the waters. And the purveyors of "mainstream" theri porn found that sales were slow to warm up; there was a certain reluctance on the part of many would-be buyers to expose their kink quite so blatantly. --- The inevitable consequence of this was that, in the early months of TTU, the most reliable way to find theri pornography was from sources that catered to seemingly unrelated subcultures: gay, BDSM, size queen, foot fetish, etc. Gary, as an underaged guy in an isolated suburban area, had to take what he could get.

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