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=====Stories: Voice In The Wilderness=====
//Even a single helpless voice is sometimes enough to change the world.//
After a fall leaves him paralyzed, a winter hiker gets some help from an unexpected source.
Nov. 14, 2003
This is half counterpoint and half counterpart to StoryWardC1012pm. One thing is for certain, emergency responders had one hell of a night after EventTheFirstSighting.
~- Roy, injured hiker
~- Sunset, Dec. 18, 1996
~~- **Era:** EraDragonInTheStreets
~- Unspecified snowy wilderness, probably in the American West
~- Lest you doubt the value of occasional re-reading and re-editing, it took me three years to notice that the main character was accidentally called "Ray" in the story's first sentence.
~- A careful look at the timing of the story suggests there's even more going on here than the story tries to imply. EventTheFirstSighting was in the late afternoon of Dec. 18; even the earliest media coverage of it didn't start to spread until after dark ...
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=====Story Name=====
//Witty tagline.//
~- x
~~- **Era:** x
==TTU Events==
==Significant Cameos and References==
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