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=====Stories: Waiting Room=====
//"I make do," Swiftpaw said, not really wanting to make small talk. "First nail through the paw, that's for sure."//


A puncture wound, and fears of tetanus, bring a werewolf reluctantly back to civilization for an emergency room visit. He and his fellow sufferers talk while the overburdened hospital staff tries to juggle patients.


==Release date==
Nov. 23, 2003

==Word Count==

==Author Comments==
This is a slightly fictionalized account of my trip to the hospital on
the day the story was written. All characters and a great deal
of the dialogue are lifted as closely as possible from real life.
>> ===Story Data===

==Major Characters==
~- Swiftpaw, a werewolf

==Dates of Story Events==
~- Unspecified - April, 1997
~~- **Era:** EraFromCausesToCrusades

~- Unspecified hospital emergency room

==Significant Cameos and References==
~- Swiftpaw attended EventTheMeeting several months prior to the story's events.

~- Swiftpaw's injury is another data point in the discussion on what happens to theris' wounds during shapeshifting. See QuestionsPage for more details.

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