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=====Groups: XXXX=====


~- **Creator:** x
~- **[[AvailabilityCategories Availability]]:** (Put one here from the link)
>> One-to-two-sentence summary of group.

===Basic Facts===

**Leader(s):** x
~- **Other high-profile figures:** x
**Group Size** (at its peak): x
**Founded:** //(Date)//
~- **Era:** //(Era Name)//
**Disbanded:** //(If applicable)//
**Headquarters:** x
~- **Other notable locations:** x
**Legal Status:** x

==Fame and Visibility==
**Level of fame:** x
~- **Reputation:** x
~- **Major accomplishments:** x

==TTU Events==
~- **Pivotal role in:** x
~- **Minor role in:** x

===Public Backstory===

//(What TTU characters know (or can find out) about this group. Meta-information goes further down.)//




~- **Beliefs on theris:** x
~- **Beliefs on magic:** x
~- **Politics:** x
~- //Add other subjects the group has a strong opinion on here.//

~- **Is membership open to TTU's public?:** x
~- **Notable Allies:** x
~- **Notable Adversaries:** x

==Typical group member==
//Describe what a character interacting with an average member of the organization would experience.//


//Add any further information on the group here.//

//If you have information about this character that is important for other authors but would spoil stories you've written, create a page with the same name as this and add "Spoilers" to the end (e.g. CharacterKiasuSpoilers), then link here. If the information is crucial but not sensitive, add it here.//

~- x


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==Story Appearances==
{{category header="" only="Story,Culturalia" col="4"}}
==Related Links==
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