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The Wednesday Rule

In a nutshell:

All other things being equal, major TTU events occur on Wednesday.

There's no good reason for this particular day, beyond the whim of the universe. It's just how things happened. EventTheFirstSighting was on a Wednesday; EventTheFlyby was on a Wednesday; and EventTheMeeting began on a Wednesday. That was enough of a coincidence for people to begin seeing a pattern ... and, of course, with TTU's reality as responsive to consciousness as it is, once people started believing in the effect, it became quite measurable.

This rule doesn't meddle with fate, or force events in any particular direction. It is, however, a groove scratched into reality's record, a place into which events fall if no great force is otherwise pushing them.

"It was Wednesday when the storm hit. Maybe that was to be expected -- The Beast showed up the Wednesday before Christmas, and New Year's was a Wednesday. (Maybe that's another reason the world can't end -- The Lord's waiting for another Wednesday. I dunno.)" - StoryShelter

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