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===The Wiki's Editors===

This is the list of users who have privileges to edit **protected TTU wiki pages** (like the home page, a frequent target of spambots). This page can only be edited by administrators.

==Editors List==

+AnOnymous+ +BattyGreyshades+ +BaxilDragon+ +ElynneJia+ +KadyG+ +OrionSandstorrm+ +TestWriter+ +TemplateFixer+ +VioLynne+ +ZastrIck+ +LinaCrow+ +RoB+

===How to get editing permission===

Page editing is locked on this wiki as //protection against vandalism and spam//. In my experience, for //small and focused// wikis (as opposed to huge communities like [[ Wikipedia]]), having pages open to the anonymous Everyman is a net loss of time and resources. Fighting vandalism costs moderators more time than positive anonymous users contribute.

But we do want fresh faces and new ideas! It's not our intention to keep the editor group exclusive. There is no "test" for permission to help out, other than a good-faith desire to contribute.

To join the editor list, [[UserSettings register an account]] and then e-mail BaxilDragon from the address you signed up with, saying you'd like to edit the wiki. It's as simple as that. Baxil can be reached at {{email}} (visit [[ Tlands' contact page]] if you can't read the address here).

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