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//Your hub for TTU hubbub//

This page is built for regular users, as a convenient and centralized reference for the wiki's recent changes and planned moves. It won't contain any TTU information; it's designed to collect information about what's happening on the site.

LAST MAJOR UPDATE **2016/02/24**

===Wiki Additions===

~- //2016-02-24:// New user registrations have been disabled until I can get all the old plugins/spam protection back in place, because it literally took //less than ten minutes// for multiple spam scripts to find the wiki and create advertising pages.
~- //2016-02-24:// The wiki has been broken for a while, due to some struggles with the OS/PHP support on the web hosting server. But after a migration today, I got things back up and running. On a new version of WikkaWiki, too! (1.3.6.) The old look-and-feel is broken until I can get the template files back in place, and images and some other links aren't working yet, but at least we're live again. Huzzah!
~- //2009-10-29:// I haven't been updating the news page, but I've been continuing to slowly add content. But today: Wiki software has been officially rolled out to version 1.2! This comes with several major improvements - better CSS, a plugin architecture, and some Baxil-made custom code to have category listings alphabetized by column instead of row.
~- //2009-10-28:// Content changes pre-1.2: AvailabilityCategories now has a "Restricted" listing available for finer-grained control over your CGL contributions. Meanwhile, check out pages such as EventTheFlyby and TheriTypes to see the depth of the new content I've been adding. And the TomorrowlandsGlossary is looking pretty good!
~- //2007-03-25:// A slow few months for TTU, as I've been pulled onto a number of other side projects. But BaMoTTuSto will be finished today and I'm still working on eras and events. Once those are finished and the Location and Group templates are created, the wiki skeleton is complete and I'll devote more attention to expansion.
~- //2007-01-12:// I've been slowly but persistently adding content; half of the BaMoTTuSto stories have pages here now, four of the eight eras have been summarized, and there's finally an event template and some event pages up. WikiToDo has been reshuffled to point out what content will be my priority until the world basics are all in.
~~- There has also been some interest in getting sketches drawn to spruce up TTU pages; I'll be adding them in per the style in WikkaAddingImages once they start trickling in.
~- //2006-12-21:// The process of shifting [[ existing content]] over continues. Meanwhile, the CategoryEras are half-built, several new CategoryCharacters are up (including the first [[CategoryOpen freely-available]] one), and CategoryStories is growing. KadyG kicked off the ProposedIdeas page.

Also see RecentChanges, RecentlyCommented and WikiEditors for new content (and users).

===Help Wanted===

If you're restless to contribute but don't know what to do, here's a few places that could benefit from some attention.

**In an Editing Mood**
~- The IntroductionToTTU and TheChanges pages need major revision; much of that data would better be put under event or era pages, and the world basics need to be read with a critical eye toward coherently explaining it to someone totally unfamiliar with the concept.
~- Check out the page of TTU slang at TomorrowlandsGlossary, and add more word coinages, acronyms, etc., and their definitions from the various stories that have been written.
~- Go through the individual listings (mostly CategoryCharacters and CategoryStories) that contain tabular data, and update it to use the new built-in table markup rather than the deprecated "table" actions.

**In an Industrious Mood**
~- Start the lengthy process of getting all existing content categorized here. A good start point might be ensuring all the fiction on has an equivalent wiki page. Visit CreatingNewPages and click on the easy link there to use a premade template; enter what data you can using existing story pages for guidance (and I or other wiki editors can fill in the gaps).
~- Write a draft template for TemplateLocation using the existing TemplateStory, TemplateCharacter or TemplateEvent as broad style guides.
~- I would LOVE php help in writing some of the modifications I discuss on the WikiToDo page. Source code is available from Wikka:WikkaWiki, or I can mail you the files we're using now.

**In a Creative Mood**
~- Start thinking of some events that might have had a significant impact on the world, especially in 1998 or later. Or visit the ProposedIdeas page to offer feedback for others' brainstorms.
~- The wiki could use a lot of art -- doodles, illustrations of events, character portraits.

**In a Contemplative Mood**
~- Read some TTU stories! Bone up on the universe a little bit, and maybe even add a favorite or two to ReaderFavorites.

===Bax's Content Plans===

I'll continue to lay out the skeletons of the wiki framework, creating/editing templates and laying in some of the basic setting information (like the rest of the different eras and pivotal events). If I can manage to get those to a usable state and install the rest of the wiki admin software I was hoping to use, I'll turn to adding all the stories from there.
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