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This page is built for regular users, as a convenient and centralized reference for the wiki's recent changed and planned moves. It won't contain any TTU information; it's designed to collect information about what's happening on the site.


Recent Additions

A collection of pages that summarize activity here:

RecentChanges: Pages where content has been created or modified.
RecentlyCommented: Pages that have had one or more comments added.
WikiEditors: See the ever-increasing list of your fellow TTU fans and writers. (If you're on the list, add a link to WikiEditors in your user page! Wear the badge with pride! :))
Baxil's admin summary: I moved over a little content from this morning. It's largely placeholdery stuff from the old Intro and History pages. It needs an overhaul, but it's a start.

Help Wanted

If you're restless to contribute but don't know what to do, here's a few places that could benefit from some attention.

In an Editing Mood
In an Industrious Mood
In a Creative Mood
In a Contemplative Mood

Bax's Content Plans

I'll probably continue to lay out the skeletons of the wiki framework, creating/editing templates and laying in some of the basic setting information (like the different eras and the more pivotal events). If I can manage to get those to a usable state and install the rest of the wiki admin software I was hoping to use, I'll turn to adding all the stories from there.
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