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BaxilDragon's to-do list to bring Wikka in line with the grand TTU Wiki vision. Such as it is.

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====Changes to Make====

===Upgrade to WikkaWiki 1.2===

~- Fix UserSettings (and add code changes to installed_mods) to match customized v1.1.6.2 look/instructions
~- Copy FormattingRules to FormattingRulesFull and make FormattingRules into the simple cheat sheet again
~- Fix ALL! pages with tables - use new table cell code ... (fortunately the floats aren't tables).
~- Either fix or disable email page action
~~- Fix user template: no email links (munging broken by Google)

~- Add new wanted mods, especially:
~~- ?? (or something custom to hide TemplateFixer edits from RecentChanges)
~~- **Done**: external_links_samehost_fix (links to pages at pages no longer have the little arrow). n.b.: based on
~~- **Done**: Code in a category verticalizer - is all div-y and shit :-/
~~~- **Done**: 0-item list bug fixed thanks to Goldkin's sharp eyes.
~~~- Total custom job. Submit to Wikka (possibly along with namespace code)?

~- 2009/10/30: Last database backup. get one scheduled now that backup support is in.
~- seed the wiki with basic pages
~~- Create all templates
~~- Add all eras
~~- Add all existing stories
~~~- (get other authors to do pages for their own?)
~~- Get all front-page links active
~- Create all pages with >1 inbound link: see WantedPages
~- Add some freakin' images to the wiki. ;-)

omg yay its live guyz 8D
~- Oh lord. This is going to be huge. On the other hand it will allow me to keep the software up to date despite all my custom mods ...
~- Reinstall all code mods
~~- The critical ones:
~~- **Done**: User registration password
~~~- **Done**: Test this so I can make v1.2 public! (No spambots plz)
~~- **Done**: Custom category listings (namespace support)
~~- **Done**: Custom name display for links in various namespaces (""SpaceOut"" mod)
~~~- **Done**: (Add config items for this back to wikka.config, or do plugins allow self-config ...?)
~~- **Done**: Check original "done" list below to ensure all original mods are either ported or obsoleted
~~- **Done**: Fix sidebox formatting, which broke again in update (new css?)
~- **Done**: ACLs: Default it to allow editing/commenting for every registered user
~- **Done**: Remove ""AdministratePages/AdministrateUsers""
~- **Done**: relink home page to the new AdminPages/AdminUsers builtins
~- **Done** (there were no changes): Ensure robots.txt and favicon.ico didn't get overwritten back to defaults
~- Page updates
~~- **Done**: Fix WelcomeNewUser (new ACLs, etc)
~~- **Done**: Fix HomePage (announce upgrade, etc). Also WikiNews
~~- Fix user template: no email links (munging broken by Google)
~- **Done**: Choose theme. ("default" = Wikka 1.1.6 style)
~- **Done**: Copy files from test subdomain to genuine one and change wikka config's Base URL
~~- **Done**: Remove lock file

===Original List (

~- It would be awesome to have a "Visit a random page" action. Awesomer yet to have a "visit a random page inside this namespace/category" action.
~- Some hack to display ACLs on a page (or look at a table of them)
- for page hides, easier deletes
- //Homebrew//: Templates for auto-creating new pages based on namespace of first word? (probably built on
- //Homebrew//: Wikipedia-like feature where it'll notify you of changes to your user page (as a way to communicate to other users)
- ++Skins:
- Better user listing?:
- Recently Edited: (hack to flag multi-person edit conflicts)
- Page hit counter:
- Better menus:
~~- not that I'm using the current ones ;-p I can edit those at header.php and footer.php
- for page renaming should it become necessary -
~~- (current workaround: /clone to move to new location, /delete to kill old one. Disadvantage: This removes editing history and comments)
- ? list uncategorized pages? -

Also to do: Skim through usermods listed on [[ Wikka:CodeContributions]]


~- //I'll add any requests here//

====Changes Completed====

~- Basic installation.
~- [[ official Control Registration patch]]
~- *
~- Reset default ACL to require registration & editor group membership to edit
~- Trim FormattingRules and move full version to preserve it
~- Add FormattingRules external link to edit page
~~- er, it's actually already there as "help" button
~~- maybe better document this with changes to editing template?
~- Move to permanent home directory (and change config files accordingly)
~~- And let me just say that subdomaining it made my head hurt ;-p
~- Add extra info/help to registration page template
~~- **Spamblock**: Require code for registration -- (this is done)
~- and new AdministrateUsers
~~- the ""WelcomePage"" for new registrations
~~~- ++this feature disabled for now++ re-enabled; I wrote the page 12/16: WelcomeNewUser -B
~- ( could go in later for login redirects)
~~- this feature is actually done already - changed one line of code myself. Logins now take you to your user page. -B
~- ##""{{email username}}""## now makes spamsafe e-mail link
~~- Updated pages and templates accordingly
~- Back up sql db and see if there's a backup scheduler
~~- Done. No scheduler, but download at any time via ""DirectAdmin""
~- Make new full pre-live backup of directory and database before first public announcement
~- 2007-01-28: Fixed robots.txt and favicon.ico links: see Wikka:RobotsDotTxt
~- //Homebrew hack needed//: Auto-format links for Character*, Story*, (others? Event*? Location*?), to read nicely - remove (predefined) prefixes from link text and separate ""CamelCaseWords.""
~~- Probably based on and/or and/or
~~~- has great code at the bottom
~~- **Done:** Namespaces are now defined in php config file. Could use more polish but it's working. -b 20070807
~~- And also to munge BaxilDragon into Baxil :)
~~~- Not done yet; better namespace control in version 2. -b
~- Add filter to Category listing: exclude pages not starting with (word)
~~- **Done:** ##""{{category header=0 exclude="Comma,Separated,List" only="Comma,Separated,List"}}""## works. -b 20070807
~~~- ##header##: Set to 0 or blank to turn off the "The following X pages ..." blurb
~~~- ##exclude|only##: Namespaces to (respectively) not display, or display. Only overrides exclude.

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