Writing TTU Stories

So, you want to write a Tomorrowlands story. I bet you've got plenty of ideas bouncing around in your head already: "Wow! Think of what I could do with therianthropes or magic in a modern setting!"

Lots, as it turns out. However, there are quite a few things that could break the "shared" quality of the world. So, you are asked to observe the following guidelines.

Gontribution Guidelines

Every editor has to walk a fine line between "artistic freedom" and "qualty control." It can be tough to tell someone that their story doesn't "fit in" with existing works or that it needs to be polished a little bit more before being ready for publications. As such, here is a list of standards ahead of time, to keep the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

Of course, we can't -- and don't want too -- stop someone from writing just because they're not "following the laws." You can write anything you darn well please. Bear in mind, though, that if you ignore the rules, your story definitely won't be canon, and BaxilDragon may give you long mournful looks or something. And no one wants a sad dragon, now do we?

So, if you want to write a story in the Tomorrowlands universe, please read the rest of the page carefully. Some guidelins are there to limit your artistic freedom, yes, because we all have to agree on a set of rules to run a shared world by. But some guidelines are just restating what should be obvious; and some are there to help you sharpen your ideas of the world, suggest avenues to explore, or improve your writing -- so don't be intimidated by the length of the lists!

Common Sense
The follwoing guidelines have nothing to do with Tomorrowlands specifically; these are the (condensed) rules that come up in every "shared world" writing situation. If you're curious about them, ask here or ask a member of your local writer's group.
World Rules
This list describes the constraints specific to the Tomorrowlands universe. Some of these are a consequence of the way the world works; some of them are a consequence of BaxilDragon personal expectations. The are all equally important. BaxilDragon is trying to keep the rules simple; if you follow the above, you're golden.

Helpful Suggestions
BaxilDragon has provided the following list of points that are good to think about as you're working on that first story.
Random Things
And, Finally, a few tidbits of information about the world that might otherwise not be apparent.

Story Submissions

Coming Soon

This page is largely a reproduction of http://www.tomorrowlands.org/story/contributions.html, although http://www.tomorrowlands.org/story/mechanics.html and much of the CategoryMeta information will be highly relevant as well.

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