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=====How TTU's Magic Works=====

Magic is a complex thing. You don't understand it by learning the rules; but if you don't know the rules, you can't understand it.

Here are some of the resources that try to make TTU magic a little more understandable.

===Ground Rules===

**WhatMagicCantDo**: The dividing line between "willpower influencing reality" and chaos.
**MagicRules**: Miscellaneous things to note about spellcasting.


**[[MagicalSchools Schools]]**: The five fundamental approaches.
**[[MagicalTraditions Traditions]]**: Large groups within a school, united by shared ideology.
**[[MagicalGroups Working Groups]]**: Individual circles, covens, etc., often formed within a tradition.

===Power Levels===

**MagicalSkillCategories**: The general range of effects a single mage is capable of.

===Magic and Therianthropy===

**ShapeshiftingInTTU**: The magical basis for the shifting effects that theris use.


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