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===TTU Wiki Templates===

Rather than make this an automated category listing, I'm going to manually list all of the templates available for page creation. An automated list would require a link from each of the pages in the category, and since the templates are cloned to make other, non-template pages, that link would spread across the wiki and become uselessly tangled.

To use these templates, see CreatingNewPages.

==Templates For Use==

==Categories without templates==
Concepts - //Freeform pages for info on TTU items or ideas. (known to characters)//
Meta - //Freeform pages for info on TTU rules. (NOT known to characters)//
Eras - //Only create these after discussion and consensus.//

TemplateNewUser - //don't use this manually; it's for the software when someone registers//
TemplateFixer - //not a template at all; it's a wiki user that cleans up pages when templates change//

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