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The wolf sometimes known as Blackpoint lives with his partner Tyler and DreamWeaver in a remote area of northwest California. He does not speak, and never takes human form.

Basic Biography

Birth Name: Ryan Aller
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Other Aliases: "that wolf"
Born: (date/location)
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Physical Description

As his "name" would suggest, Blackpoint's ears, tail, nose, and paws are tipped with black fur, as though they had been dipped in ink. The rest of his body is mottled dark grey. He frequently uses his magic and natural camouflage to blend invisibly into the background, preferring quiet stealth to the notice and attention of strangers.

Public Backstory

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Magic Use

Magical skill: Basic (?) (e: just my guess. See link. -b)
Magical History


Magic Use Notes

The two magical effects that Blackpoint uses regularly are a subtle chameleonic camouflage, which lets his already dark and mottled fur blend in with the background, so that it often takes an effort of will to notice him; and nonverbal telepathy, which only affects someone else who is physically touching him. The name "Blackpoint" is a grudging expression of identity on his part; when asked what his "name" is, he'll show an image of himself as a wolf.

Fame and Visibility

Level of fame: None Group affiliation: x

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