Dennis Redwing Quotes

"...use teleportation with caution."
"Gentlemen, we are no longer living in today. We've found ourselves somehow in yesterday's tomorrow."
"No. And if you make us, there will be war."
"Three all-nighters in a row, and you expected the Gettysburg Address?"
"It is certainly wrong to assume, as some people do, that TheChanges began with EventTheFirstSighting, and I think even EventTheMissingMoment was much too late. The first visible event, yes. But not the start. Waking up and realizing you're no longer asleep are two different things."
"Every living being has a life force -- let's call it a "soul." Most of my fellow mages do, even though the mechanism by which this "soul" acts doesn't match the image the word traditionally conjures up.

"Your soul is the total of what it means to be you. It is your consciousness -- but it is not just what happens when you're conscious. It is your life itself. It's more than the memories and emotions in your brain. It's more than the nervous system's bodywide control and biofeedback. It's more than the cellular processes that keep the body alive to receive those messages. It is all those things, and more. It's the way that your body interacts with itself, reacts to itself, remembers itself, directs itself -- from molecules to cells up to organs, from mitochondria metabolizing glucose to your arm reaching for a soda. It's the gestalt of the incredible society of moving parts that goes into what we call a person.

"Cogito, ergo sum, Descartes said, and he was more right than he knew. Life itself is matter deciding to assert that it is alive, continually throwing willpower behind this assertion until one day it gets a little too distracted and can't fight off the universe's suggestions to the contrary any more."
"GroupTheGuardianKnights keep getting it wrong. I'm not just 'evil,' I'm Satan himself. Didn't they get the memo?"
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