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"No. And if you make us, there will be war."
~- CharacterDennisRedwing - Entire text (minus signatures) of press release from EventTheMeeting concerning EventTheExecutiveOrder January 9, 1997
"Three all-nighters in a row, and you expected the Gettysburg Address?"
~- CharacterDennisRedwing - Concerning length of EventTheMeeting press release

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"GroupTheGuardianKnights keep getting it wrong. I'm not just 'evil,' I'm Satan himself. Didn't they get the memo?"
~- CharacterDennisRedwing - Joking reply to being labeled as The Beast
"It is certainly wrong to assume, as some people do, that TheChanges began with EventTheFirstSighting, and I think even EventTheMissingMoment was much too late. The first visible event, yes. But not the start. Waking up and realizing you're no longer asleep are two different things."

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