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>> A girl who wakes up one morning to find that she's become a giant spider. Hilarity ensues.
~- Is known to her friends as Sam or Sammy.
~- Her name among other theris and mages is Malum (MAH-lum), after the spider that visited her in her dreams the night before her first change.
**Born:** Mississippi, 1980
~- **First change:** Dec. 23, 1996
**[[MagicalSkillCategories Magical skill]]:** Competent
~- **Magical tradition:** Eclectic
~- **Group/circle/coven:** None
>> One-to-two-sentence summary of character concept.
**Born:** //(Date and location)//
~- **First change:** x
**[[MagicalSkillCategories Magical skill]]:** x. //(If "none" or "insignificant," delete the rest of this category)//
~- **Magical tradition:** x
~- **Group/circle/coven:** x

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=====Characters: Samantha Hill=====
~- **Creator:** LinaCrow
~- **[[AvailabilityCategories Availability]]:** Public - Ask permission first
**Birth Name:** Samantha Hill
**Gender:** Female
**Species:** Giant Spider
~- **TheriType:** Mythic
~- **Openly theri?:** Yes
=====Characters: XXXX=====
~- **Creator:** x
~- **[[AvailabilityCategories Availability]]:** (Put one here from the link)
**Birth Name:** x
**Gender:** x
**Species:** x
~- **TheriType:** x
~- **Openly theri?:** x

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