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=====Creating New Pages=====

Technically, creating a new wiki page is simple: Go to the location where the page should be, and/or click on any link to a page that doesn't yet exist. The editing window will open up. Type in your changes and save the page.

Doing it the //right way// isn't any harder ... but it does involve a little extra understanding.

===Wiki Categories and Page Creation===

==TTU's Organizing System==

The TTU wiki is organized into a series of **categories** -- pages about stories, characters, eras, locations, etc. Most of these categories have their own **page template**. These templates are built to organize the information relevant to that type of page, and make certain that basic details aren't forgotten.

Pages in a given category should start with the category name. For example, the "Dragon in the Streets" page is about an era (CategoryEras), so it's called ''Era''""DragonInTheStreets"". The page about the story "Kata" is in CategoryStories, so it's named ''Story''Kata. Follow this convention for almost everything (exceptions are listed below).


Templates, like any other page, are stored on the wiki -- at ##""TemplateXX""##, where XX is the category name. The wiki's "clone" function will automatically create a copy where you want your new page to go. Then edit the skeleton you've just created and you're on your way!

The clone function is simple -- just follow one of the links below (or, power users can manually add "/clone" to the end of a template name). Give the name of the page you want to create when it prompts you. Click the "edit after creation" box if you plan on filling out your new page right away.

Here's a master list of categories, along with links to clone their templates. Just click on one of the "create" links to get started.

==Categories and Page Creation Links==

~- CategoryCharacters --> [[ Create new character page]]. Page names start with "Character".

~- CategoryCulturalia --> [[ Create new culturalia page]]. Page names start with "Culturalia". (This is a sub-category of CategoryStories.)

~- CategoryEvents --> [[ Create new event page]]. Page names start with "Event".

~- CategoryGroups --> [[ Create new group page]]. Page names start with "Group".

~- CategoryLocations --> [[ Create new location page]]. Page names start with "Location".

~- CategoryStories --> [[ Create new story page]]. Page names start with "Story".

==Categories without namespaces==

Pages in these categories **don't** have to start with their category name. They also don't have templates. To make one of these pages, just edit it from scratch, as described at the top of the page.

~- CategoryConcepts: This is for information about //TTU things or ideas//; it works best unstructured. The Concepts category is for gadgets, philosophies, laws, etc., that are //known to TTU characters//. Compare to:

~- CategoryMeta: This is for information about //how TTU works//; it works best unstructured. The Meta category is for //TTU rules//, and is information that characters in the universe will not know (or know only through guesswork or leaps of faith).

~- CategoryWiki: This is for pages related to the wiki software we're using -- //not// about the TTU setting. Create these pages sparingly; WikiRequests is a better place for minor tips/questions.

==Special categories==

These categories shouldn't have new pages created for them.

~- CategoryEras: //Page names start with "Era."// TTU's historical eras are already well-defined (although there's admittedly room to wedge more of them into TTU's later days). Era pages should only be created after discussion and consensus at ProposedIdeas.
~- CategoryTemplates: //Page names start with "Template."// This is only to store the templates used in the categories above.
~- CategoryUsers: Your user page's name is the same as your Wiki name. User pages should only be made by the wiki software.

==Supplemental categories==

These categories are only used to tag existing pages.

~- CategoryAuthors: This is a supplemental category for CategoryUsers. Add this category name to the bottom of your user page if you've written a canon TTU story.
~- CategoryNonCanon: This is a supplemental category for TTU submissions that conflict with universe rules or established material. You shouldn't set out to do this. ;-)
~- CategoryOpen: This is a supplemental category for Characters, Locations and Groups, signifying that what's on the page is for any public use. See AvailabilityCategories for more detail.
~- WikiEditors: This is a supplemental category for CategoryUsers. Add this category name to the bottom of your user page if you're contributing by fixing or adding pages.
~- WikkaDocumentation: This is a supplemental category for CategoryWiki, for pages to help users understand wiki features. These pages are //not// about the TTU setting.

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