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The Executive Order

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The political attack that fueled EventTheMeeting reached its peak when President Bill Clinton issued an executive order establishing what amounted to internment camps for therianthropes and mages.

Event Information

Date: Monday, Jan. 6, 1997 Location: Washington, D.C., USA
Also Known As: Officially, its name was Executive Order 13037: Establishing Voluntary Relocation Centers For The Protection Of Changed Americans.


In 1996, despite right-wing religious groups' dire predictions of armageddon, therianthropes' popularity seemed invincible. Warnings about their intentions were dismissed as sour grapes; the media treated them as heroes, especially in the wake of the EventLosAngelesRiots.

But EventTheFlyby shattered this image, galvanizing their frustrated opponents. Then the most visible symbol of the world's new changes, CharacterDennisRedwing, went on the defensive, bogged down in a fight of his own: EventRedwingVsTheFBI. With the tide of public opinion shifting and fresh new examples of theri misbehavior and rebellion at hand, the political backlash found the foothold it needed.

Conservative politicians and the Religious Right shifted into high gear, unleashing a propaganda attack and rallying political capital. in progress

Immediate Reaction

Redwing's only public response -- until the declaration in the wake of EventTheMeeting -- was a statement shortly after EventTheExecutiveOrder: "I'm sorry that our leaders have allowed fear to overwhelm their common sense and conscience. I hope America will use the next three days to demand a better solution. I have no further comment at this time." Those close to him were more impassioned but equally evasive: "This is a black mark on our nation's soul, and I think we all now have a choice to make."

The theris that did talk to the media emphasized the overreach of the order:




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I recall a bumper-sticker from twenty years ago that read: "There will never be concentration camps in America: they'll be called something else!"
- Butler Shaffer (1)

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