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What are the Tomorrowlands?

"Gentlemen, we are no longer living in today. We've found ourselves somehow in yesterday's tomorrow." - CharacterDennisRedwing

The Tomorrowlands world is an alternate version of Earth, fundamentally the same as our own until the final days of 1996. At that time, many thousands of the world's inhabitants transformed from their human bodies into other forms (mythical creatures, animals, and anthropomorphic creatures defying easy classification). CharacterDennisRedwing, a dragon who most people believe was the first to change, popularized the name "therianthrope" (or "theri") to collectively describe these changed individuals, and the term quickly stuck.

Along with these transformations -- which gave rise to the name "TheChanges" to describe the earth's sudden shift -- people quickly learned that magic, in the "throw a fireball down Main Street" sense, now was possible.

Most Tomorrowlands stories occur in the decade following that milestone, as major events left their mark on history, and as attitudes toward therianthropes and mages gradually shifted.

Depending on the geographical and temporal setting of the story, the prevailing attitude toward nonhumans and mages could be repressed or open confrontation (especially in early 1997), fear and hostility (through '98, with occasional flare-ups for over 10 years), uneasy truce, conditional acceptance, or wary neutrality.

Writing the TTU vision

My main foci with Tomorrowlands stories are to explore what the impact of magic and therianthropes would be on today's world; to address social issues of therianthropy in a fictional context; to examine how mythology interacts with us today; and to have fun. Of course, other prospective writers are hardly limited by my choices.

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