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====Tomorrowlands Universe Questions====

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Think of it as a central hub for visitors' and writers' TTU information requests.

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==Therianthropy: Medical==

What happens to injuries when someone Changes if there's no analogous limb in the other form? For example, if a gryphon shreds a wing or a centaur gets a stone in a hoof what happens to the injury/stone if they Change back to human form? - AnOnymous
~& In StorySouthernComfort, CharacterAsh gets a wing compound fracture, and back in human form it translates to an upper back injury/break that radiates out to his arm - forcing him to make a crude sling to keep that arm from painfully moving. I'm inclined to say that for injuries/changes to a body part existing in both forms, it will correspond; for a body part that doesn't exist in both (e.g. a dragon's or centaur's extra limbs) it will correspond by body region, by functionality, or both as above. -BaxilDragon

How would Changing affect a pregnancy? - AnOnymous
~& As a writer, I have no strong opinion on this. If anyone wishes to propose some rules (or better yet, write a story on it), be my guest. - BaxilDragon

How is aging handled if the human and otherkin forms have different lifespans? Ten years is a greater percentage of a wolf's life than a human's. - AnOnymous
~& My gut reaction is to have lifespan used up in proportion to time spent in a particular form. So a theri wolf who's 15 at her first change and would have lived to 50 as a human would already have used up (15/50) = 30% of her lifespan. If she spends a year in human form she's used up another 2%. If she spends a year in canine form (=7 human years) she's used up another 14%. This particular theri could live for 35 more human years, 5 more dog years, or any combination thereof. This interpretation of the rules is unfair to Weres but potentially more "realistic."
~& Another possibility is to declare theris' lifespans equal to that of the human form they started with; the theri wolf would live to 50 no matter how she split it up. This interpretation of the rules could be unfair to Mythics - dragons, for example, wouldn't get any lifespan benefit from their form.
~& In either case, Furries would very likely have unchanged lifespans. And in all cases, the effects of magic upon aging should be considered; if magic really does exist and work, who will be the first person to come up with a Fountain of Youth spell, and what side effects will it have? - BaxilDragon
~~& Perhaps it could be one of those things that's different for everyone. If someone thought that being a were would lessen their life, it probably would. If a mystic believed they'd live longer, same deal. If someone didn't really give it any thought, then they'd probably have the normal human lifespan. Just a thought. =P - LinaCrow
A classical centaur has a human torso and an equine torso. Do they have twice the usual number of internal organs? If not, what's taking up the space in the chest and abdominal cavities? - AnOnymous
~& My personal suspicion is that very few organs would benefit from duplication -- perhaps a second heart for better blood flow? -- and rather what centaurs might have would be a system treating both torsos as a very long single one. The lungs might be in the top half, and extended stomach/digestive system in the lower one, with other organs wedged in wherever they'd best fit. - BaxilDragon

How are allergies/toxins handled when Changing? Or foods that one form can digest but not the other? If a Werewolf ate chocolate as a human, and then Changed to wolf before the chocolate had passed out of its system, would it get sick/die? What about a Werehorse and hay or meat, depending on the direction of Change? - AnOnymous
~& I think I'm going to invoke the "Um, no, returning clothes is just fine" (cf. StoryFirstFlight) rule on this one. ;-) Which is to say, it conveniently and subconsciously works out in the theri's favor, unless the writer wants to make a specific point of it. A shapeshifting effect that acts upon worn clothes also wouldn't have any trouble twiddling a few carbohydrates around to equivalent but non-threatening forms. - BaxilDragon
~~& Actually, new idea. The entire purpose of ingested food is to power our bodies, yes? Once ingested it's basically just chemical fuel waiting to be broken down for energy. Why wouldn't any body-altering effect simply treat it that way, and use it as raw material? Under this rule, stomach contents would be basically insta-digested upon changing. This does beg other questions -- such as where the rest of that energy is coming from, and what happens to the extra mass when a weremouse or dragon changes, but there's more latitude for hand-waving there. - BaxilDragon

If a Were picked up a parasite or disease in one form to which the other form is immune or resistant would Changing cure them (eventually)? Or is it more likely to cause a species jump? Though that would be a concern more with viruses than parasites. - AnOnymous


If the lights went out at an Adventure/Zork themed convention, how many con-goers would be eaten by grues? :) -AnOnymous
~& The stupid ones. Wouldn't //you// bring a light source to a Zork convention? ;-) -BaxilDragon


Do they exist in the TTU? -TsiraRee
~& Yep! Polyweres (weres with more than one phenotype -- for instance, someone who is a wolf-cat) are handled the same way as any other theri; as long as someone meets the [[ criteria for changing]], they can become whatever they really are inside. They would probably be considered [[TheriType Mythics]], but they definitely do exist. For instance, CharacterSratelethien could legitimately be described as a feline-elf-otter-taur. -BaxilDragon

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