Stories Inspired By Songs

Sometimes, the image that a song paints can take on an entirely different hue when viewed through the lens of another universe. This is a list of TTU stories that have been written as riffs on scenes taken from our Earth's popular music.

For song lyrics written within TTU, see CategoryCulturalia.

Song: REM, "Belong"
Lyrics: Those creatures jumped the barricades, and headed for the sea, sea.
Author comments: This has got to be one of the most fitting TTU songs I've ever heard. There's a whole 'nother story here, or several, in the lyric: "The world collapsed on a Sunday morning. She got up from the kitchen table, folded the newspaper and silenced the radio ..." Although of course it would have to be changed to Wednesday. ;-)
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Song: Paul Simon, "You Can Call Me Al"
Lyrics: Pretty much the whole thing; the story begins and ends with the song's first and last lines.
Author comments: My interpretation of the lyrics went in a very different direction than the song itself. The original is about a middle-aged man going through an identity crisis; the story's about a young mage refinding himself in a visit to a foreign country. But the vivid imagery refused to let go of my brain.

Song: Jesus Jones, "Right Here, Right Now"
Lyrics: Right here, right now; there is no other place I'd rather be. Right here, right now; watching the world wake up from history.
Author comments: The story is a fiercely ironic take on the theme of the song; its protagonist spends the entire tale sitting on his couch, making phone calls, and watching TV while the world burns just a few miles away. There's also no small amount of Information Society's "Fire Tonight" informing the story's central phone conversation.

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