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=====Stories: Finders Keepers=====
//"Did you guys know that I'm breaking Search & Rescue rules to even be out here talking to you right now? ... Thanks to a few stupid threats, we're unable to help two people that are quite possibly dying."//
Two hikers are missing after what was meant to be a quick overnight trip, and as a Search & Rescue volunteer, Jim had planned to help find them. But the poorly timed decision of a pack of young, headstrong theris to establish a lair in the area has ground the search to a standstill. Trying to avert a greater tragedy, Jim takes matters into his own hands.
July 15, 2007
This was meant to be a quick dialogue sketch, but my muse grabbed me by the throat and refused to let go until it ballooned into its final size.
~- CharacterFang (Jim)
~- Silver, the alpha of a pack of wolf theris
~- Silence, his beta
~- Unspecified; late summer 2006.
~~- **Era:** Late EraANewWorldOrder
~- Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington state, USA.
~- The "manifesto" refers to the GroupHumanEvolutionFront's most well-known call for violent revolution, declaring therianthropes the third great leap forward in human advancement (after religion and science) and calling for their defense by any means necessary.
~- CharacterClaw, CharacterTeriessa, CharacterSratelethien, and CharacterBelladonna were all teammates of Fang's back in GroupTheRedeemers.
~- CharacterDennisRedwing is dismissively mentioned in Fang's discussion with Silver. In later years, the attitude that he has "sold out" the theri community with his increasingly moderate positions is fairly common among therianthropes.
~- "Moonfang from Vancouver" is the Moon seen in StoryRandomEncounter. Apparently he and Anna -- referenced in that story as being romantically linked -- got married. :-)
~- Jim won the bet.
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=====Stories: storyname=====
//Witty tagline.//
~- x
~~- **Era:** x
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