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~- Ash uses a spell he calls a [[TimeAnchor Time Anchor]]. This demostrates that time travel, if even on a very limited scope is possible within the bounds of [[WhatMagicCantDo what magic can't do]]. However, Ash only moves backwards by a few moments and only he maintains any recollection of the previous events. He describes it as "skipping time lines." At the end of the ordeal, he also demostrates the ablilty to show anyone else involved what had happened before he skipped time lines. No indication is given on the affect of the skipping on a global scale, but it appears that all other beings without knowledge of the skip would just repeat the actions that they took in the reversed moment. Though Ash, fully aware of the skip, is able to change his actions each time he repeats the last few moments of time.

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=====Stories: Learning Experiences=====
//The hero's enemy is that what is best and what is good are sometimes at odds.//
As Ash gives magic pointers to a young woman in the Midwest, he's interrupted by a man with a chip on his shoulder and an ace up his sleeve. His only option? Teach the man a lession. Again and again
June 26, 2002
~- Ash - Mage
~- Justin - Adversary
~- Unspecified
~~- **Era:** Unspecified
~- Somewhere in the Midwest
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=====Stories: storyname=====
//Witty tagline.//
~- x
~~- **Era:** x
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