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=====Stories: On The Edge=====
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After TheChanges, Jay Belator Jones wakes up devoid of hope ... but still clinging to some odd dreams. His repeated failures to draw the world's new magic into his life drove him to attempt suicide, but there are shadowy forces moving around behind the scenes, and they're not about to let him go before their game fully plays out.


==Release date==

==Word Count==

==Author Comments==
This will be a novel-length work -- my first TTU novel not done for ""NaNoWriMo"".
>> ===Story Data===

==Major Characters==
~- Jay Belator Jones
~- CharacterKiasu
~- CharacterMuse
~- CharacterTheArchon

~- EraTheShockSettlesIn - Largely takes place on Christmas Eve

~- San Jose, Calif.
~- LocationTheShadowlands

==TTU Events==

==Significant Cameos and References==

~- Jay's roleplaying samurai character is named Bao Jian, after the Chinese //Shao Wu bao jian// (precious sword of Shao Wu). And "[[CharacterKiasu]]" is Singlish (Singaporean slang): WikiPedia:Kiasu. If the Japanese man that Jay got his daisho from ever learned about those nomenclatural gaffes, he'd be spinning in his grave.

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