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=====Stories: Secrets=====
//"I don't even have to wish any more. I just remember."//


Two teenagers bare their souls to each other after a lost diary brings forth one's dreams ... and one's fears.


==Release date==
Nov. 8, 2003

==Word Count==

==Author Comments==
If you thought high school was tough for //human// kids ...
>> ===Story Data===

==Major Characters==
~- Kay, a theri panther
~- Matthew, a human

==Dates of Story Events==
~- Mid-January, 1997; a few days after EventTheMeeting
~~- **Era:** EraSchismAndStalemate

~- Unspecified high school library

~- Matthew is a textbook example of why changes remain relatively rare in the early days of TTU; as much desire as he's got to be something else, he can't hit all the right notes to unlock an actual change. See the FourStepsToTherianthropy (temporary page BecomingATheri).
~- Kay's transformation is among the more understated that have been described from the point of view of witnesses: for example, also see StoryFirstFlight and StoryNotesFromTheEnd, both of which feature some sort of spatial distortion. The individuality of all of these change effects is worth noting.

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